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The Visitor (excerpts)
6 minutes

This collaborative performance by a composer and a visual artist is a reactive dialogue between body, sound, and space. Aleatory music composed for clarinets, trombone, and marimba and played by Eastern Illinois University's student musicians creates sound that is unique to the present moment and dependent on chance and spontaneity. The body, in turn, acts as a vessel for motion and form. The slow and unsettling unfolding, which is informed as much by empty space and silence as Marquez-Barrio's and Vera’s identities as immigrants in a lineage of immigrants, positions the human condition as one of futility, impermanence, and beauty. This event is sponsored by the Tarble Arts Center.  

The Visitor (excerpts: 6 minutes)
Concept and Direction: Rafael E. Vera, in collaboration with Victor Marquez-Barrios
Performed: Rafael E. Vera
Music: Victor Marquez-Barrios
Trombone: Will Porter
Doudna Fine Arts Center, Eastern Illinois University
Sponsored by the Tarble Arts Center  
2022, 30 minutes